CranioSacral Therapy and the Cardiac and Pulmonary Systems

sábado, 21 de junho de 2008

CranioSacral Therapy and the Cardiac and Pulmonary Systems

Dora Franco, B.Sc., D.O., BI-D, ( ) completed the Course CranioSacral Therapy and the Cardiac and Pulmonary Systems. This Course is one segment of a series of four advanced and high specialised courses developed and taught by Dr. John E. Upledger himself.

This Course puts emphasis on the functional physiology and causes for dysfunctions in the heart and lung systems, and on how the craniosacral therapist can enhance the natural healing of the heart and lung functions.

This advanced Course, developed for highly skilled therapists, was comprised of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice with regard to all heart and lung systems, their anatomical structure and specific functions. It touches upon :

  • Heart: Valve stenosis, valve prolapse, arhythmias, hypertension, endocarditis, coronary atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, myocarditis, myocardial insult, periarteritis, muscular dystrophy and many other heart diseases, so as many other diseases related to heart problems, including systemic Luppus erythematosus, erythematosus, acromegaly, cardiac sarcoidosis, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and many others.

  • Lungs: Orthopnea, pulmonary edema, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, severe pulmonary dysfunctions, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma and many other lungs diseases.

B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science in Medicine
D.O. – Doctor in Osteopathy
BI-D – Barral Institute Diplomate Certification